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California State University, Long Beach


The following terms are used by the WDC.

One or several web pages that provides some functionality. For instance, mirroring what a desktop application might do. An online calendar application is one example.
All the components that are assembled into web pages, e.g., graphic files, image files, master border image files, navigation button image files, etc.
Taking content as provided and creating web pages that will ultimately be viewed online. This involves formatting text, adding or laying out graphics or images, applying templates, creating links to other web pages, ensuring usability and accessibility, and all other steps necessary to prepare content for publication.
Moving the final version of web pages to the live server so that they are accessible to the public.
Moving the assembled web pages to a server where the pages can be reviewed and tested before publishing them to the public. A staging site is typically a close copy of a "live" site.
The degree to which a web page or site is easy or difficult to use. This involves several factors including the navigation structure (including search facilities, indices, tables of content, etc.), the use of graphics, page layout, clarity of expression, etc. Testing is conducted with a typical target audience to see if they can find what they want easily or if changes need to be made.
Web Site
The entire range of web pages maintained by an organization, e.g., the pages accessible from the CSULB home page that are maintained by CSULB units and persons.