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California State University, Long Beach

Submitting Content

The preferred method of submitting content for web site changes is as follows:


If you know HTML by all means copy the HTML from the web page source, alter it in a text editing software or web editing software such as Dreamweaver and send it back to us for final editing and upload.

Please keep it simple.

  • Do not embed widths or heights in tables
  • Do not create your own classes or ids.
  • Do not create invalid HTML (putting divs inside list items, etc.).

If you don't understand this list please do not submit your request in HTML and proceed to the other means of submitting requests listed below.

Simple Text

Text with no formatting. Copy text from Word into the request description area of the online request form. Type the text directly into the request description. This is wonderful. It allows our experienced designers to layout the page in the best manner possible.

Word Document

Word doc with limited formatting including:


Use only one H1 per page. Continue using H2 , H3 on down the page. This web page uses and H1, H2s, H3s, and H4s to create a hierarchical structure.

Ordered lists

Do not type 1., 2., 3. Use the "ordered list" button in Word

Bulleted lists

Do not use fancy bullets from fonts. Use the "bulleted list" button in Word.


Do not use borders to create things that look like tables. Only include actual data tables. Do not use tables to layout your content in columns or to position elements on the page. Please use styles within Word to do that.

Get Help

If you do not know how to do some or any of these things in Word consider taking a Microsoft Word course from ITS.

If Your Content Includes Screenshots

We have certain specifications regarding screenshots. Please read this page carefully if you plan on using screenshots on your web pages.

Existing Clients

Submit a Request

To make a change to an existing web page or to request a new one.