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California State University, Long Beach

Request Procedures

From the launch pad to the stars!

  1. Submission. You submit content via our online request system. Your request goes into our database and gets a tracking number (e.g., NOTL-XXXXXX) assigned to it.
  2. We do our thing. We modify the appropriate documents/HTML files and put them on a staging server. When it's ready, we send you a "staged" notice. You can keep track of your request here. Install the domino applet if it asks you to. It allows you to search for an individual tracking number.
  3. Review. You look at the staged pages and either approve or deny the changes. If you don't like what you see or just have more edits, we continue with steps 2 and 3 until you're happy.
  4. Publication. Once you approve the changes, we publish the pages and documents to the live server for the world to see. When we do, we email you a "published" notice to let you know the request is complete.

Make sure you visit our Services and Skills pages to be sure you are taking advantage of all of our available resources to make your website as good as it can be.